Social engineering rampant

It's common knowledge that Hillary and Obama were disciples of Saul Alinsky, and for all we know they may each still possess a copy of Rules for Radicals. Now that the Alinsky liberals have gained power, the radicalization of American society can proceed unabated. With like minded compatriots already in positions of power in Europe and America they are ready to move to phase two. This involves the subversion of the legal and educational systems.

I realize these comments may sound like the rantings of a right wing version of Rosie O'Donnell. But before you dismiss them completely take a look at these three seemingly unrelated news items.

The first involves a person of world renowned stature telling children that due to the wonderful education they have received in the public school system they are more knowledgeable than their parents, particularly when it concerns the threat of climate change. The implication is, they should not listen to their parents on this subject.

What's next, maybe they shouldn't listen to their parents about... birth control, abortion, marriage, religion, tax policy, income redistribution, etc. the list is endless.

Al Gore gave a speech to a group of students who attended the presidential inauguration. One of the students recorded the speech. Her father was so upset with what he heard that he called Glenn Beck and played the recording. You can
listen to the audio at

Here is the part that got the caller and Glenn riled up and Glenn's comments:

GORE: There are some things about our world that you know that older people don't know.

GLENN: Stop. "There are some things that..." you're 12! "There are some things that you know that older people don't know." That is -- and I'm just getting started. That is one of the most incredible things I have ever heard. "There are some things that you know that older people don't know." He is pitting the youth of this nation against their parents. We have a former vice president of the United States, a man who claims to have been President of the United States saying to the best and the brightest 12-year-olds that "You know better than your parents," that "You don't have to listen to your parents on things because they just don't know."

I'm trying to think where else this has been done. Soviet Russia, Nazi, Germany, Mussolini's Italy. In fact, the Nazis took an extra step. Not only did they indoctrinate the kids and tell them you're probably right, you know but your parents don't; in fact, here's the next step: Why don't you tell us what your parents are telling you. Are we having the new Hitler youth? Is that what this is? The new Hitler youth? I'm sorry, that's so politically incorrect. The new green guard. Man your station, 12-year-olds, your parents just don't know.

Go get 'em Glenn!

Now to the 2nd news item: The LA Times had the first
interview with Obama's new  Secretary of Energy Steven Chu. Here is an excerpt of his dire predictions for California:

Reporting from Washington -- California's farms and vineyards could vanish by the end of the century, and its major cities could be in jeopardy, if Americans do not act to slow the advance of global warming, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu said Tuesday.

In his first interview since taking office last month, the Nobel-prize-winning physicist offered some of the starkest comments yet on how seriously President Obama's cabinet views the threat of climate change, along with a detailed assessment of the administration's plans to combat it.

Note that he is not a climate scientist, I don't believe Al Gore is either -- why do we listen to these guys anyway?

Chu is not a climate scientist. He won his Nobel for work trapping atoms with laser light. He taught at Stanford University and directed the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he reoriented researchers to pursue "clean energy" technologies to help reduce the use of greenhouse-gas-emitting fossil fuels in the U.S., before Obama tapped him to head the Energy Department.

He stressed the threat of climate change in his Senate confirmation hearings and in a video clip posted on Obama's transition website, but not as bluntly, nor in as dire terms, as he did Tuesday.

In the course of a half-hour interview, Chu made clear that he sees public education as a key part of the administration's strategy to fight global warming -- along with billions of dollars for alternative energy research and infrastructure, a national standard for electricity from renewable sources and cap-and-trade legislation to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Notice a recurring theme here? "Chu made clear that he sees public education as a key part of the administration's strategy to fight global warming."

Yes, we all need to be re-educated in the new progressive dogma, parents and students alike.

For the third item we move to the world stage and the subversion of the western legal system:

story comes from the UK's Guardian, back in September of '08 James Hansen who heads the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies took time out of his busy schedule to fly to the UK and testify in a vandalism trial.

Six Greenpeace climate change activists have been cleared of causing criminal damage at a coal-fired power station in a verdict that is expected to embarrass the government and strengthen the anti-coal movement.

The jury of nine men and three women at Maidstone crown court cleared the six, five of whom had scaled a 200m tall chimney at Kingsnorth power station at Hoo, Kent in October 2007.

The activists admitted trying to shut down the station by occupying the smokestack and painting the world "Gordon" down the chimney, but argued that they were legally justified because they were trying to prevent climate change causing greater damage to property around the world.

It was the first case where preventing property damage caused by climate change has been used as part of a "lawful excuse" defence in court. It is now expected to be used widely by environment groups.

The court had heard from Prof James Hansen, one of the world's leading climate scientists, that the 20,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted daily by Kingsnorth could be responsible for the extinction of up to 400 species.

Hansen, a Nasa director who advises Al Gore, told the court that humanity was in "grave peril".

He said: "Somebody needs to step forward and say there has to be a moratorium, draw a line in the sand and say no more coal-fired power stations."

I don't blame the jurors, I'm sure Dr. Hansen put on a very impressive dog and pony show. Perhaps if the cooling trend that started in 1998 continues for another ten years the public will stop paying attention to these "climate scientists." However, in the mean time government acceptance of the flawed global warming theory continues to erode our private property rights.

These three news items are just the tip of the iceberg, we now have a whole army of liberal bureaucrats busy chipping away at our liberties. This creeping socialism is like the old experiment with the frog and a pot of water. You may not have noticed, but the new administration has started to slowly turn up the heat -- and I'm not talking about global warming.