Obama's Chicago and the success of 'community organzing'

Tragically the Chicago Public Schools will have four fewer students tomorrow as three young students were gunned down within a short time after dismissal on Friday, a few blocks from school while Saturday another student died of gunshot wounds  from a separate shooting incident on Friday.

Saturday also marked a grim statistic for the city: Racheal Beauchamp, a 16-year-old girl from the South Side, became the 25th Chicago Public Schools student slain this school year.  There were 26 students killed last school year.
Prior to becoming the president, a senator and an Illinois state legislator, Barack Hussein Obama (D) arrived in Chicago to work as a community organizer in a neighborhood not far from this latest slaughter where
it was not unusual for workmen to refuse a job, for apartments to sit empty and for friends to turn down a social call because of violence.

Ok, ok to be fair, this internal war can't be blamed on Obama or even his new Department of Education secretary, former Chicago Public School superintendent Arne Duncan or even Mayor Richard Daley, who huffed and puffed about the latest tragedy.  But let's stop blaming teachers for failure to teach when homes and communities, the first line of defense, can't control and raise their own properly.
 Chicago has a no guns policy; a bunch of kids laughed at it and managed to acquire assault weapons to mow down their latest victims.