Obama continues to ignore Midwest storm victims

President Barack Hussein Obama (D) celebrated President Abraham Lincoln's (R) 200th birthday yesterday by flying to Illinois, The Land of Lincoln, where he (mis)spoke
about the positive effects of his porkylus bill at the Caterpillar plant in East Peoria before continuing to the state capital of Springfield for the Abraham Lincoln Association's annual dinner. 

Returning to his hometown of Chicago for the Presidential/Valentine's  week end holiday, Obama did not make a short detour to view the devastation caused by the tornadoes (not hurricanes as I erroneously mentioned yesterday my mind was in New Orleans) in Oklahoma. 
However the admitted Lincoln admirer, who took his oath of Presidential office using Lincoln's bible despite party differences, also avoided Hodgenville, Kentucky, Lincoln's birthplace, for the celebrations there.  Was that because

the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site near Hodgenville suffered considerable tree damage from the recent ice storm. So organizers moved the party to nearby Larue County High School.


The recent winter storm also forced postponement of another ceremony planned at Lincoln's boyhood site a few miles away.

A month after the storm which caused death and destruction with people still suffering and the president ignores it for the comforts of his home.  Maybe he doesn't like Republican people.