New PBS outrage

Our federally-funded propaganda broadcaster is dispensing with any pretense of nonpartisanship in a new documentary. Dan Riehl discovered via an Irish (!) source that only members of one party are interviewed on the reasons for the housing collapse:

PBS' Frontline is airing a documentary on the causes of the economic collapse Tuesday: Inside the Meltdown. Irish media points out one possible weakness with the work. Thank God PBS isn't biased.

Mr. Dodd and Representative Barney Frank, Democrat of Massachusetts, are the only members of Congress interviewed in the piece, which is a weakness. Many voters hold Republicans and Democrats equally responsible for oversight failures. "Frontline" holds these politicians up as reliable, unbiased witnesses, but some viewers may feel they don't deserve that trust.

Update: And the Dems want a Fairness Doctrine? Add that to this. I wonder if they got their pay-off? If Republicans had any $%^^&, they would have shut PBS down while in power. And if Republicans were invited to be involved and said no, we should know who and why.

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