More personnel trouble for Obama?

It looks like 3 times will not be a charm when it comes to getting someone - anyone - honest enough and subservient enough to run the Department of Commerce for President Obama.

First, it was Bill Richardson who somehow slipped under the radar of Obama's super sharp vetters, having problems with cronies back in New Mexico. Then it was Judd Gregg who withdrew his name after Obama blindsided him by politicizing the census.

Now it's Gary Locke - former Governor of Washington and now lobbyist for a firm that does a lot of business in China - who may have to be thrown under the bus.

Why? The old Clinton-Gore connection to the Buddhists. And a close association with former Clinton era fundraiser and convicted felon John Huang who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Locke.

Michelle Malkin lays out the case against him with remarkable clarity and detail (including photocopies of cashiers checks) and concludes:

It’s illegal to funnel campaign contributions through straw donors. It’s illegal for tax-exempt churches to hold campaign fund-raisers. It’s illegal to accept money from foreign citizens who are not permanent residents of this country. It’s illegal to file false public disclosure forms (four years after the temple fundraisers, PDC records were not amended with the Buddhist monks’ correct addresses and occupations). It’s illegal to commit perjury to cover up a political money-laundering scheme.

In a trade-dependent state such as Washington state, the incentive to engage in quid pro quos is high. At Commerce, it’s even higher. Locke’s campaign finance scandal-tainted past raise sserious issues about his judgment. His cozy relations with the Chinese government and favor-currying add even more doubt.

Locke and his cronies escaped public accountability in their home state, where the media demonstrated systemic incompetence and indifference to the law-breaking and ethical improprieties. Looks like Team Obama is betting on similar largesse from the national media.

And they know they can always fall back on the race card.

I hope she's wrong. Ron Brown gave away the store to the Chinese when he was Commerce Secretary. Just think what this guy would be capable of.

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