Michelle Obama's former employer is downsizing

Wow!  Michelle Obama is really lucky her husband, President Barack Hussein Obama (D), won the presidential election.  Otherwise, she might be one of the nation's newly unemployed as her former employer, the respected University of Chicago Medical Center has eliminated  her $300,000 glorified community organizer job  along with 450 others to control costs. 

The other newly unemployed are mostly clerical and maintenance workers, many of them at the hospital for many years, who will find it difficult to obtain jobs that were as well paying and as convenient to their residences as those they just lost.  Very sad.   

Michelle's husband, who is no longer Senator, cannot direct earmarks to the fine U of C Hospitals, so they, along with most of America, are having budget problems. 
Now in Chicago, $300,000 goes a long way - almost as far as the $500,000 salary cap that Michelle's husband has mandated for financial executives receiving federal funds, many of whom live in New York.  However, last year, when Michelle was campaigning for her husband she whined about the difficulties she and her husband - just typical Americans mind you - had paying their highly preferential mortgage, paying for their daughters' extracurricular activities and oh yes, unmentioned for some reason, paying their personal chef who is now ensconced in the White House. 

But don't cry for Michelle.  According to the cover of the March, 2009 issue of Vogue, she has morphed into "The First Lady the World's Been Waiting For."
Whew!  So glad to know her kids will still be able to have their after school lessons.  Hopefully the newly unemployed University of Chicago Hospital workers will soon have other jobs to take care of their kids, even though the porkylus bill won't direct cash to their new employers.  It won't because Michelle's husband said it was necessary for no fat to be in the bill.