Media idiot of the day

Combine Obama idolatry with malignant fanning of racism, and you get today's winner. The title goes to Jon-Christopher Bua, political analyst for Sky News, whose embarrassing near-orgasmic tribute to Obama betrays a singular lack of knowledge, combined with a malignant fanning of racism. Hyper-portentously, Mr. Bua announces an event so historical (His piece is titled "Obama: Everlasting Magic"!) that only world-changing matters bear comparison:

Just like the Berlin Wall crumbling, this was a moment long overdue whose time had finally come.

For those who believed they had the power to change things and have been chipping away at the injustices of racism brick by brick, this moment almost has a surreal quality.

What could possibly live up to this analogy: A White House performance by Stevie Wonder, as it happens.

... the arts and spirituality have returned to centre stage at the White House.

The message here is one of America's greatest gifts to our world community.

Those of us who have been around long enough to remember fire hoses, attacking police dogs and the raging face of hatred can remember "Little Stevie Wonder".

He was advertised on a billboard over the steel pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey - America's Blackpool - that this now icon was once the hope of white and black kids alike.

He seemed transcendent in this moment of his and our glory.

Tonight white and black, young and old came together in the East Room of the White House to honour one of America's greatest modern musicians - Mr Stevie Wonder.

If the Gershwin Boys were alive tonight they would be very proud.

A ten second investment in a Google Search reveals that Black artists were not absent from White House performances during the 43rd president's two terms in office. Mr. Bua remembers Pablo Cassals performing in the Kennedy White House, but apparently nothing since.

But why let the facts get in the way of a gush worthy of a teenage girl  swooning over the lead singer of a boy band.?

And what on earth do firehoses have to do with it?

Hat tip: Jeanette Colville

Update: Jeanette Colville adds this list of White House functions, putting Bua's stupidity in full context.