Giving Al Gore a run for his Carbon Credits

Prince Charles will use an Airbus A319 jet liner for his 16,000-mile “environmental” tour of South America.  The Prince of Whales and his staff of 14 will scoot around South America in a passenger jet specially refitted for his Royal Greenness -- er Royal Highness.

The prince has scheduled some 40 engagements for his 10-day trip.  During the trip Prince Charles will lecture the hoi polloi about saving the planet from the evils of CO2.  Then it’s back on the jet airliner and happy vapor trails across South America!

According to Mail Online aides for the prince insist “he will offset his carbon emissions” caused by the trip.

Save the planet from CO2 by buzzing around the world in a massive polluting private jet.  Move over Al Gore, the skies are full of hypocritical jet setters intent on saving the planet … from the rest of us.

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