Atlas shrugs, moves to Massachusetts

Today's Wall Street Journal has an article on a drive to increase unemployment compensation benefits for New Yorkers. The poor babies only get a maximum of $405 per week, whereas those in Massachusetts get $942. Those fat cats get benfits which work out to be $48,048 on an annual basis.

The U S Census 
put median family income for all American families in 2006 at $49,207. They also show the Two-Year-Avarage Median Household Income by State: 2004 to 2007  for Massachusetts to be $58,298. Why bother to work when you can move to Massachusetts?

Shouldn't we cap federal unemployment assistance to the states at an amount equal to the federal minimum wage 
of $6.55 per hour times a 40 hour work week, or a total $262? Why should workers in Red State America be subsidizing bloated benefits in Blue States? Hey you Kennedy-Kerry supporters (AKA enablers), get a job!
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