Where in the world is David Paterson?

He's never held a private job, the state he governs by default is $15 billion in debt and counting with no new revenue in sight, he just goofed big time on a high profile political appointment with a member of a fading, but still powerful political family, so what is New York State Governor David Paterson (D) going to do next? 
Why do what comes naturally--spend still more non existent government money  according to an exclusive New York Post report.  He's off to Davos in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum.  He has to attend because apparently he hasn't heard the world economy is tanking.  Rapidly. 

A source called the Swiss trip a "junket" that would likely "reinforce David's reputation among those who know him for liking to party more than he likes to work."

A Paterson aide last night said the trip would be funded by the state. Along for the ride would likely be at least two aides, David Johnson and press secretary Errol Cockfield, as well as a State Police security detail.

The governor's spokeswoman Marissa Shorenstein said Paterson would leave for Europe on Thursday and would likely return on Feb. 1. She said the state would cough up $4,700 for airfare and hotels for Paterson and the two aides.

Of course that doesn't even begin to cover the cost of Paterson's security detail and other expenses. 
And what will Paterson do at this oh so exclusive Forum?
Paterson, who has never held a private-sector or federal job, would lead a discussion at the event titled US Governmental and Private-sector Economic Issues, and participate in other discussions.

Well, that should justify adding to New York State financial woes from someone who apparently knows nothing about the subject. 

But Paterson is an experienced traveler.

Last week, Paterson lugged along an entourage of relatives, six aides and what sources said were "at least" a dozen state troopers for a four-day stay in Washington during President Obama's inauguration, at a taxpayer cost of well over $20,000.

Hmmmm, and NYState is going broke because.....? 
a) NY State hasn't received its fair share of stimulus money from the equally broke Federal government.   
b) NY State, one of the most highly taxed states in the country, doesn't tax enough.
c) fill in the blank.