Two civilizations at war

The public gap between the cultural standards and societal expectations in fighting this latest hot outbreak of the ongoing Arab/Moslem war against Israel exposes the futility of those who babble the solution is "two states living side by side in peace." The Scotsman, reporting from the frontline with Hamas fighters, quotes
Two fighters shared their thoughts about the Israelis they may soon face.

"The difference between us and them is that they wait passionately for the day they can return home safely, while we bid farewell to our families and hope to die as martyrs," one of the men said.

"We will tear them like this," said the other, biting into his meat sandwich.
Eager to join their terrorist brethren in their grisly suicidal mission,

Hard-line student groups appealed to the Iranian government to authorize volunteer homicide bombers to leave Iran and attack Israel

Iran does not border Israel; it is hundreds of miles from them but Iran's president is diverting desperately needed financial resources needed Iran to Hamas and HizB'Allah and other groups that are working for the destruction (not to live side by side in peace) of Israel. 

Meanwhile, the Israelis they will face are supplying their deadly enemy with food, medical and other supplies, according  to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and verified by others. 
Today (Wednesday, December 31 2008), 12 Palestinians entered Israel for medical treatment in Israeli hospitals. Two of those evacuated were children injured by a Kassam rocket which fell near their home. The remaining are chronically sick people, and their escorts, who entered Israel for treatment that is not available within the Gaza Strip.

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Further more, despite ongoing rocket fire, Israel continues with the extensive humanitarian effort in coordination with the international organizations, Palestinian Authority and various donors. Ninety three trucks, with approximately 2500 tons of humanitarian aid, medical supplies and medication were conveyed through Kerem Shalom cargo terminal. The World Food Programme has informed Israel that they will not be resuming shipment of food commodities in to Gaza due to the fact that their warehouses are at full capacity and will last for approximately two weeks.

Since the beginning of operation "Cast Lead" some 6500 tons of aid have been transferred at the request of the international organizations, the Palestinian Authority and various governments. Preparations are underway to facilitate further shipments expected to arrive in the coming days.

Because Hamas deliberately stores its weapons and other war material in warehouses in or near homes, schools, hospitals and even mosques 
  it is difficult for Israel to avoid civilian casualties  but they go to extraordinary--unheard of really--lengths to minimize them.  

Can these cultural and societal divisions be closed for at least the beginnings of establishing the groundwork for that bland goal "two nations living side by side in peace"?  In her characteristic forthright manner, Melanie Phillips, writing in The Spectator in the UK bluntly answers "no!" as she clearly lays out her reasoning.  This war is not merely whether two nations can live side by side in peace but about one civilization trying to destroy another--including the US and Europe. 

On the Other Side From Civilisation

Israel was never the Palestinians' "homeland." It was never taken from them "by force." On the contrary, they tried to take the Jews' homeland from them by force - and are still trying.

The issue of Israel sits at the very apex of the fight to defend civilization. Those who wish to destroy Western civilization need to destroy the Jews, whose moral precepts formed its foundation stones. The deranged hatred of the Jews lies at the core of the Islamists' hatred of America, the "infidel" West and modernity, and is the reason why they wish to destroy Israel. Unless people in the West understand that Israel's fight is their own fight, they will be on the wrong side of the war to defend not just the West but civilization in general.

And all the sputtering of proportionately and the crocodile tears won't bridge the gap between one civilization that wants to live in peace and one that doesn't. 

Thanks to Daily Alert from Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations