The UN Gaza school was a weapons dump (updated)

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs sets us straight about that UN school "blown up" by Israelis killing "innocent civilians."

The UN and the mainstream media are wailing and accusing Israel of war crimes (yes, again) after the IDF returned fire at a UN school from which Palestinians were firing mortars.

The explosives and booby traps installed in the school by Hamas then blew up, killing dozens of people.

Yes, that's what happens.  If Hamas killers fire from a hospital, a mosque, a school which they proudly taunted the Israelis were booby trapped and filled with explosives, they have no right to complain when Israelis return fire and the building explodes. 

Where were the UN personnel as Hamas operatives brought in the explosives, installed the booby traps?  They were probably helping them.  As did the International Red Cross.

Human Wrongs Watch and the oh so sensitive Europeans who are now wailing that civilians are being harmed in Gaza just didn't notice--or more accurately, didn't care--when Israeli civilians, deliberately targeted by Hamas and its rockets, were killed and injured. 

And that's not rocket science. 


A previous headmaster of the Gaza UN school of weapons dumping and terrorism  was, according to this May 5, 2008 Reuters exclusive,
By day, Awad al-Qiq was a respected science teacher and headmaster at a United Nations school in the Gaza Strip. By night, Palestinian militants say, he built rockets for Islamic Jihad.

When an Israeli air strike killed this Hamas respected educator last May it
embarrassed a U.N. agency which has long had to rebuff Israeli accusations that it has aided and abetted guerrillas fighting the Jewish state.

In interviews with Reuters, students and colleagues, as well as U.N. officials, denied any knowledge of Qiq's work with explosives. And his family denied he had any militant links at all, despite a profusion of Islamic Jihad posters at his home.

But militant leaders allied to the enclave's ruling Hamas group hailed him as a martyr who led Islamic Jihad's "engineering unit" -- its bomb makers. They fired a salvo of improvised rockets into Israel in response to his death.
So Hamas is responsible for killing its own civilians.  But will Israel critics, the UN, Human Wrongs Watch and all the so called humanitarians dare blame Hamas and not Israel?  Of course not; they'll still twist and turn and ignore facts to blame Israel. 

And while the UN, Hamas and the usual gang of well you know who, huff and puff indignantly , Israel released the following regarding the sad situation at the UN school.  Oh sure, those huff and puff hot air "neutral" observers will object that it is self serving but it is a more factual and straightforward account than from other not so disinterested observers. 
Today, a reported 30 Palestinians were killed in a heartrending tragedy at a school in Jebaliya. Initial investigations indicate that Hamas terrorists fired mortar bombs from the area of the school towards Israeli forces, who returned fire towards the source of the shooting. The Israeli  fire landed outside the school, yet a series of explosions followed, indicating the probable presence of munitions and explosions in the building. Intelligence indicates that among those killed were Immad Abu Iskar and Hassan Abu Iskar, two known Hamas mortar crewmen. (italics added)

So was this UN Gaza school still being used as a cover for a weapons dump as Hamas continues to hide behind "innocent civilians" using them as shields?  And, in the horrible realm of the possible, did the two dead mortar crewmen deliberately set off the explosives in a grisly glorious act of Islamic jihad martyrdom? 
Given Hamas' avowed promises fulfilled by equally deadly action these are legitimate assumptions that must be explored by all.