The Sullenberger Combination

Captain Chesley Sullenberger gave us a glimpse of what's long been lacking in our national political leadership -- the complete combination of competence, leadership and courage.
The pilot of US Airways Flight 1549 had, in multiple ways, prepared all his life to save the crew and 150 passengers on his aircraft.  When the moment came to apply all that preparation, he calmly announced over the aircraft's intercom, "Brace for impact."  
In the meantime, the political leadership crew crowded into the nation's cockpit today, and the one coming next week, lack evidence of the combination. 

Democrats and Republicans alike rushed into the first "bailout" of the credit market - or at least that's what they thought they were doing -  screaming with their hair, metaphorically, on fire.  "The country is collasping," they yelled. "We're going broke!"  "Borrow for your lives!"  "Save the mortgage holders first. Oh, wait, let's start with insurances companies. And, we can't forget the auto industry."

Captain Sullenberger calmly says, "Brace for impact" just before he lands, without power, in the Hudson River, saving the lives of all aboard.  He's the last one off the sinking aircraft, and the last one off the raft of survivors.

And there he is. The genuine article. The compete package. A secular ephiphany of competence, leadership and courage. Although some passengers no doubt attribute influence to the divine.

It's good to be reminded that there are people like Chesley Sullenburger walking, and flying, among us when things really get serious.
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