The monumental achievements of Roland Burris

Nobody can say that the senate appointee of Governor Blago isn't prepared to meet his maker. The "pre-need" arrangements Roland Burris has made for his tomb ("grave" seems inadequate to describe it) reveal a healthy ego at work. Wonkette correspondent "Vasyl" photographed Roland Burris's monument, and it is something to behold:

Burris monument

There is space for his children Rolanda and Roland II,  as well as a list of his accomplishments. The central tablet of these accomplishments begins:

"Trail Blazer

First African-American in Illinois to:"

Foresightedly, he has left space for more accomplishments, such as first constitutional crisis over a United States Senate appointment by sitting governor.

However, lest we be too negative, Ethel Fenig writes to remind us:

If the only negative information about Roland Burris is that he served as a character witness for three mob guys--hell the man is a total paragon of virtue by Chicago, Cook County and Illinois standards--this proves he is honest.  Or a dupe.  Or, in this case, a front man.

Even non politicians can't slither through the city without be affected by these mob and other slimy political characters. 

Burris is not originally from Chicago; he is from southern Illinois which is practically the deep south.  Let's give him credit and leave him alone. 

Let's also admit that this is an absolutely brilliant move by Blagojevich.  And frankly, considering the real world and the international slime the Senate has to deal with, Blago and Burris can really counter the real baddies whose evil is much worse than selling senate seats or taking a few bribes. 

And anyway operas are more believable and a better show  than all the phony political huffing and puffing in this instance. 

Certain habits and customs remain entrenched even if the original purpose is no longer there.  I understand pre planning for death by purchasing cemetery plots and tombstones is important to many in the black community so as to guarantee proper burial; if not, the survivors, often poor couldn't afford it.    If he is off, it is because he swam in poisonous waters and didn't succumb.