The dumbest senator of all

There is really no other conclusion: Harry Reid is not only an incompetent majority leader, but dumb.  I thought Jay Rockefeller and Patty Murray were the two dimmest bulbs in the Senate, but Reid  has sprinted to the front of the line.   He was played by Rod Blagojevich, which isn't easy after the Fitzgerald press conference a few weeks back.  He came off looking like a racist by nixing 3 possible Senate appointees by Blago- Jesse Jackson, Jr., Danny Davis, and Emil Jones, even before he blocked the door of the Senate chamber to another African American,  Roland Burris.  

Topping his already impressive showing of stupidity, there is this ridiculous comment that Norm Coleman will
never return to the US Senate.

Coleman may not win his Court challenge, but seems to me, he could run again in a later year, and win.  Would Reid use his sheriffs to block the door on Coleman if that happened, as he did on Roland (tombstone) Burris?