The age of Obama humor (updated with more humor)

We probably will never know what George W. Bush said to Obama in that final embrace before the helicopter formerly (and soon again) known as Marine One took the ex-president to Andrews Air Force Base. But I'd like to imagine it was something along the lines of, "Don't let the critics get you down. Enjoy the humor your presidency inspires."

The major media have notoriously shied away from humor at candidate Obama's expense, but now that he's in office,  perhaps that will change. McCain-is-old jokes are, well, old. Even if the big media gatekeepers remain a claque, the web offers plenty of opportunities for more talented and audacious souls.

A new humor site, iowntheWorld  just debuted today, one featuring comic cook style illustrations of a strip called "The Obamas." I suspect other topics are coming, but for the moment, this one will serve quite well. The author is known as Big Fur Hat, and has worked on the much-loved People's Cube site.

Best wishes to the new site. We desperately are going to need reasons to smile in the days ahead, I fear.

A sample, published with permission:

Cliff Thier writes:

I dropped a quarter in my car today, and searching for it I found two more quarters.

Change I can believe in.

And, speaking of change we can believe in, I'm betting that 2011 will be the first year of the Obama/Lincoln penny. Either facing each other (smiling), or one profile on top of the other.

Other changes I can believe in are holidays for government workers, such as Cesar Chavez Day.

And, then there will certainly be Barak Obama Day. The groundwork is already being prepared:

We can still have Presidents' Day, only it'll be like Arbor Day.
Printed on calendars, but not otherwise noticed.

The small ray of light in all this is what havoc it will wreak with Bill Clinton's ego when he's asked to speak to some high school audience on Barack Obama Day.

More Obama humor here. (hat tip: Theron)