Susan Rice plays to the crowd in Sold Out Debut at UN


Our newly minted UN Ambassador Susan Rice made her debut at the UN yesterday, giving a speech that brought down the house made up of the usual anti-American, anti-Israeli crowds and wowed liberal critics in the MSM.

Her performance bodes well for the future - if you support Palestinian terrorists. For Ambassador Rice, her speech dripping with platitudes, it was a maiden speech that set out a new. more evenhanded approach to Israel.

Call out your own ally on possible war crimes thus putting them on the same moral plane with their deadly enemy:

Israel must investigate allegations that its army violated international law during its three-week war against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip, the new U.S. envoy to the United Nations said on Thursday.

"We expect Israel will meet its international obligations to investigate and we also call upon all members of the international community to refrain from politicizing these important issues," Ambassador Susan Rice said in her debut speech before the UN Security Council.

Rice said that Hamas had been guilty of violating international law "through its rocket attacks against Israeli civilians in southern Israel and the use of civilian facilities to provide protection for its terrorist attacks."

"There have also been numerous allegations made against Israel some of which are deliberately designed to inflame," she told the council during a meeting on international humanitarian law.

Some 1,300 Palestinians, including at least 700 civilians, were killed during Israel's Gaza offensive, according to the Hamas-run Health Ministry in the territory. Israel put its losses at 10 soldiers and three civilians.

During the campaign, Israel fired on several UN installations in Gaza, including schools, where hundreds of Palestinians had been seeking shelter from the fighting. Israel rejects allegations that its army was guilty of war crimes.

Ed Lasky adds:

Well,two ways to look at this speech; she gains “credit” at the discreditable institution known as the United Nations for her balanced approach or she is announcing a new policy to Israel-where that nations actions won’t be trusted as they have by past administrations-Democrat and Republican. Her maiden speech-maybe we will have change after all. In any case, this is a shot across the bow and somewhat insulting to an ally, beleaguered by adversaries that surround her and desire her destruction.

Yes, but it plays well in Paris, Berlin, The Hague, and other places where the truth gets a rough ride from governments who routinely blame Israel for defending themselves.

While the reviews of her speech from those capitols probably means that the Susan Rice Show will  run for years and even make it off Broadway, it no doubt laid an egg in Tel Aviv.

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