Some examples of 'Proportionality'

Ben Dror Yemini reminds us (in a sometimes awkward translation from Hebrew) of some recent "Western" disproportionate responses that evoked few protests then and have since dropped conveniently back down the memory hole. 
First a disclaimer:

A short historical reminder. This time we won't say a word about Muslims
that butcher Muslims. We got used to it. The Muslims, especially in the
eyes of the Left, are the retarded kids of the world. From them there is
no need to demand responsibility, morale, international law. They are
Let's go back a mere nine years ago--under the presidency of President Bill Clinton (D).
 Milosevic irritated the Free World when he tried to take control of Kosovo. NATO started bombing. Following is an incomplete list of the injuries. Just of civilian ones.

On April 12th – 12 killed in a bombing of a civilian train; on April 14th – 70 refugees are killed in a “hunt after warriors”. NATO forces admit that they find it hard to estimate the number of casualties; April 27th – 16 civilians are killed. Two missiles diverted from their course; April 28th – A stray missile reaches a peaceful neighborhood in Sophia, capital of Bulgaria. May 1st – 27 killed in a bombing of a bus on a bridge in Belgrade. According to other claims 47 were killed. All of them civilians; May
6th – 15 civilians are killed in the town of Nis in Yugoslavia; on May 7th – the Chinese embassy in Belgrade is erroneously bombed. 3 civilians were killed; May 13th – at least 100 civilians are killed in the village of Korisa. Burnt bodies of kids are presented in the world media. NATO’s spokesman announces that the bombings were against “legitimate military targets”.  May 19th . NATO airplanes are bombing the Belgrade hospital. At
least 3 patients end their lives;
Etc. and etc. and etc............
And now about  the huffy, self righteous French who were occupying the Ivory Coast in November of 2004. 
The Ivory Coast Air Force attacked rebel concentrations. Since when does anybody count black people at all? That's it, to the bombers, bad luck.  9 French were killed by accident. Soldiers. Not civilians.

The French were angry. So angry that they wiped out the entire Ivory Coat Air Force and took control of the country's airport. And that was only the beginning. When it was the natives turn to get angry, the French were sure to enforce order in a very aggressive way, which included killing 27 protesters.
Hmmmmmm, disproportionate you might say. But what can you expect from France?
 Now for some background explanation. 
Now let’s go back and discuss the proportions. Milosovic didn’t announce that he intends to destroy all of Europe. The Ivory Coast didn’t announce that its intention is to destroy France. And yet, the reactions of NATO and French were harsh and hard. The Security Council did not call for a cease fire. Au contraire. It was obvious that it’s necessary to get rid of the bad guy in the story. It took a lot of time. In the end he had to bend.
And Israel, which is fighting for its very existence, is alas, not proportionate at all--it is using too little power, too little force against people and a hate filled regime whose public "constitution" states very clearly its aim is to eliminate Israel and who follow up those deadly words with deadlier action.  The disproportionate ones are those who even bring  up disproportionate.