Shoe thrower seeks asylum

The Iraqi journalist who displayed hospitality to a guest in his country by throwing his shoes 
at President George Bush on his recent visit there is now begging for political asylum in Switzerland.

But not because his life is so awful in Iraq.  Oh no.  According to his lawyer his life is not in danger
 because people are opposed to what he did. In fact, just the opposite.

The lawyer says, "He's in danger in Iraq. He's also in danger in other Muslim countries because people who support his action could try to make him a martyr."
The international liberal community which treated the perpetrator of this disgraceful act with fame and acclaim has now all but forgotten him but surely they will welcome him in their midst in supposedly neutral Switzerland; perhaps even arranging for the local MSM to employ such a talented professional. 
In the New Age spirit of President Elect Barack Hussein Obama's ascendancy to the presidency accompanied with the absolutely outrageous attempt by some Democrats threatening to try Bush and Cheney for protecting our country perhaps they will also offer the Iraqi shoe thrower asylum in this country as a reward for his actions.  
Why not?

Showing the same disgusting behavior, several "peace groups" in Washington for the Crowing of The One, celebrated the last day of the Bush presidency by throwing shoes at the White House.   Organizer Jamilla El-Shafei, supposedly of Kennebunk, Maine justified their, at kindly best,  juvenile behavior by stating they were expressing their anger at President Bush for ruining the Constitution.
El-Shafei and Iraqi shoe thrower Muntadhar Al-Zeidi, wouldn't have worried about Constitution rights and freedom in Hussein's Iraq had they even dared their recent behavior under his tortuous regime. 
Freedom for shoe throwers!  Oh, the irony of it all!