Obama Ministry of Truth favors 'recovery' not 'recession'

The forthcoming Obama Administration looks like it will be in permanent campaign mode, using the assorted techniques of propaganda to sell its policies much as it sold the candidate. Hans Nichols and Lorraine Woellert of Bloomberg report:

David Axelrod, Obama's chief political adviser, along with campaign media adviser Jim Margolis, are encouraging lawmakers to use the word "recovery" instead of recession and "investment" instead of "infrastructure." Those recommendations came from focus-group research indicating that such framing would make the package more appealing to voters.

Axelrod is renowned as a master of "astroturfing" -- creating phony grass roots groups to agitate for actions desired by the instigator of the counterfeit campaign. Add in a compliant media anxious to drive the agenda of The One, and we can expect the magnitude and effectiveness of propaganda efforts to reach new levels under Obama.

Ed Lasky asks: Where is that transparency and openess; that “change” that Obama proclaimed was upon us?