Obama appoints another CAP employee to staff

With several of its fellows already firmly ensconced in the Obama Administration, the Center for American Progress (CAP) scored another coup when Obama named Brad Kiley as its Director of the office of Management and Administration .

Brad Kiley has been named as the director of the Office of Management and Administration by President-elect Barack Obama. Kiley, who is openly gay, is currently the director of operations for the Obama-Biden Transition Project and was a former vice president at the Center for American Progress.

In this role he will oversee all aspects of administrative services to all entities of the Executive Office of the President (EOP), including direct support services to the President of the United States. These services include financial management, human resources management and research assistance. He will represent the EOP before congressional funding panels.

CAP is a George Soros outfit as well as being funded by the Democracy Alliance, another group of Democratic billionaires. Also, Herb and Marion Sandler whose questionable lending practices doomed Wachovia when they took over their mortgage portfolio after purchasing their company.

CAP is identified with the hard left. They run the Think Progress website which hosts blogger Matthew Yglesias and churn out a steady stream of liberal ideas. The idea that so many of their members are now in government should worry us. These are not centrist Democrats - they are the far left of their party. And the fact that Obama has tapped so many of them to serve in his Administration is revealing of how he will govern.