NYT's expert on terror calls Israel a 'cancer'

The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg reports this:

06 Jan 2009 02:21 pm

According to a very interesting story by National Journal writer Sydney J. Freedberg, Jr., Michael Scheuer, the man the CIA counted on to catch Osama Bin-Laden, had this to say about Israel:

Israel is not only an unnecessary and self-made liability for the United States, it is an untreated and spreading cancer on our domestic politics, foreign policy, and national security.

In my experience, the only people who refer to Jews, or to the Jewish state, as a "cancer" are the leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah and al-Qaeda. Comparing Jews to diseases or pathogens went out of style in about 1945, in fact. Nice going there, Mike.

What he does not report is that the New York Times has seen fit to give this man a prominent place over the years in the paper.

The New York  Times has given Michael Scheuer (former CIA agent who made his name -- well, sort of -- as "Anonymous" in a book about why the west is losing  the war on terror) space for op-eds, and has routinely used him as an expert that can be relied upon to report about terrorism and the Middle East.

The Times search engine shows his name appearing over 2300 times in the paper.

Isn't it time for the former paper of record to find some other expert?