New Anti-War Students, Same Old Anti-War Placards

In 1933, Jews were being roughed up in Hitler's Germany, but antiwar students didn't wish to fight like men.

WELLESLEY, MASS - A group of Wellesley college girls carried anti-war placards at the annual Armistice Day Service on Wellesley Green. American Legion officials expressed indignation.

NORTHAMPTON, MASS - Students from Smith and Mount Holyoke, girls' colleges, Amherst College and Massachusetts State College, participated in a "peace parade." Police seized and destroyed a placard which bore the inscription, "NRA means nationalism and war."            

Yay! But in Cambridge, England, there were more exciting demonstrations between conservatives and socialists:

Police drew their truncheons to deal with a demonstration by [the] students' "no more war" organization. Men and women carrying banners were pelted with eggs and tomatoes as they paraded. A free-for-all fight was quelled by police.  

And in Leipzig, Germany:

German intellectual leaders appealed to the world for a better understanding of Germany and world peace.

In effect, many of these bores were saying, "I'm too complex to fight for freedom." They were saying, "I'm to posh to stand up to Germany's National Socialists." They were saying, "I'm better than all of Sir Winston Churchill's terribly conservative friends." And, like Hitler's enablers (or Hitler's jock snifters, if you prefer), today's anti-war students are making life easier for bloodthirsty dictators and terrorists alike.

Indeed, the Religious Left and secularists have no plans to save minorities, or the courage to boot dictators. And, in recent times, Wellesley's peaceniks, Smith College's "Walkout Against the War" hysterics, Mount Holyoke's pretend peacemakers, Cambridge's Chamberlains, Amherst College's appeasers, and enablers from the University of Massachusetts all look awfully familiar.

What's more, even Europe's good little German thinkers were marching for "peace" down in Leipzig in 2008. My side throws tomatoes. Leftists throw Jews away.