Netanyahu conference call

The group One Jerusalem  hosted a conference call with former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this morning regarding the situation Israel faces not just in the Gaza Strip but in the wider Arab world.

Briefly, he sees Israel as the front-line in the battle that the West faces with the forces of militant Islam whose mother country is Iran. The fault lines between the West and militant Islam occur in various spots of the world, not just in Israel. A victory by Hamas would be a victory for Iran. He hopes the world appreciates this reality.

He notes that Iran now has two outposts on the Mediterranean (and hence encroaching upon Europe-though he did not state this specifically): Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. This is particularly perilous as he foresees the possibility of militant Islam armed with nuclear weapons. Naturally, Israel is positioned to deal a blow to Iranian ambitions by its operations in Gaza. He did not call specifically for the overthrow of Hamas but stated the goals of Israel are to stop the rocket fire that has plagued Israel for years (rhetorically he asks if any nation would have endured the thousands of rocket attacks that Israel has endured for 8 years) and prevent any more smuggling of weapons from Egypt into Gaza.

Many people are unaware of the extent of the land border between Egypt (Sinai ) and Gaza. Responding to a question from one of the bloggers on the call, he stated that three mistakes have been made: the unilateral withdraw from Gaza (which he opposed); the turning over of the Philadelphia corridor between Egypt and Gaza to Egyptian control; and the cease-fire that enabled Hamas to expand the range and deadliness of its weapons.

Lessons have been learned he hopes: abandonment of land has not led to peace but more warfare and more death. He counsels that further abandonment of territory (around Jerusalem, of the Golan Heights) be met with caution considered the mistakes that are now apparent and the lessons that have been learned. He is skeptical at this point that any peace process would actually lead to peace.

Always good to hear Netanyahu speak; he is clearly one of the best defenders of Israel  right now through his media appearances (the battleground is not just in Gaza but in the media world, too), We are always thankful that David Groder extends American Thinker and other bloggers the opportunity to participate in hearing and questioning the wide range of key decision-makers that he is able to host at One Jerusalem.

A transcript of the call with Netanyahu will be posted this afternoon at One Jerusalem.