Look who's going to be looking over Hillary's shoulder

Hillary Clinton is about to gain a traveling companion, thanks to her boss, the President. Harvard professor Samantha Power, who called Hillary Clinton a "monster", looks as if she will occupy a key White House foreign policy position that will put her on the Secretary of State's foreign trips, in the opinion of the AP. That news service exclusively reports that Power will take a job at the White House as "senior director for multilateral affairs at the National Security Council."

We have written extensively about Power at American Thinker, mainly over her harsh views toward Israel  and toward American supporters of Israel. When she was "fired" for calling Clinton a monster, we predicted she would be back and she is -- in a big way. This should come as no surprise: she is close friends with Barack Obama and basketball and Blackberry buddies; she was undoubtedly his closest foreign policy expert during the campaign, and at various times over the last few months alluded to the probability of serving in a key foreign policy position in an Obama administration. Her husband, Cass Sunstein, is also a friend of Barack Obama's and was recently appointed the "regulation czar". Welcome to Washington's new power couple.

Will Hillary Clinton forgive and forget, and be anxious to exploit the connection to the President Power would represent? Or would she regard Power as a "minder" and a shadow Secretary of State, meant to keep her in line, and observed by an agent of her boss? Depending on yhour estimation of the former first lady and senator's character, make your own prediction.