LA Times gives column space to deported Hamas terrorist

How low can a newspaper go? The LA Times edges closer to Der Stürmer territory, giving precious op-ed space to Hamas terrorist Mousa Abu Marzook, deported from the US in 1997. Little Green Footballs notices, and urges readers to contact the paper to let editors know what they think. No doubt the paper will respond that it doesn't endorse the man, but just wants readers to consider all views. I wonder if the paper has offered space to Jeffrey Dahmer, or for that matter a much lesser villain like David Duke.

This sort of respect accorded Hams leads to something LGF highlighted elsewhere: the attempted normalization of a terror group as nothing bad. See this Ohio State University professor stating that Hamas is "a social service organization just like the Jewish Community Federation."

Moral blindness leads to the worst evil.

Hat tip: Dennis Sevakis