Irrelevant world governing body treated as such by Israel

Did you hear that the United Nations Security Council voted 14-0, ordering Israel to cease fire immediately.

That's "immediately" as in, "right now," "chop-chop,"  "Halt in the name of the crown, I say..."

As if.

Israel is to keep up its offensive in the Gaza Strip despite a UN call for an immediate end to nearly two weeks of conflict involving Hamas militants.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the latest firing of rockets into Israel showed the resolution was "unworkable". Hamas has also dismissed the UN's call.

The Security Council resolution demanded a truce, access for aid workers and an end to arms smuggling.

A top UN official has said one Israeli action could constitute a war crime.

A "war crime, eh?" Sounds serious. What the gentleman calls firing 7,000 rockets into residential neighborhoods as Hamas has done in recent years, he just couldn't bring himself to say. Probably slipped his mind or something.

Why anyone should listen to the dirty necked galoots at the UN is a mystery. Even the Palestinians are ignoring the august gentlemen:

Hamas said it had rejected the UN's call for an immediate ceasefire because it was not to the advantage of the Palestinian people.

Ayman Taha, a Hamas spokesman in Gaza, said: "Even though we are the main actors on the ground in Gaza, we were not consulted about this resolution and they have not taken into account our vision and the interests of our people."

Perhaps it is not surprising that terrorists would ignore what the UN has to say except Hamas can usually be found sitting in the lap of one UN potentate or another so it is a bit surprising that they would treat their pimps so discourteously. 

The United States, God Bless us, abstained on the cease fire motion knowing full well the belligerents would ignore it while scoring points with the cool people who still care anything about what the UN does. 

The UN should probably go back to trying to scare people about global warming. Thankfully, they're having about as much success doing that as they are at stopping the war in Gaza.



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