Irony Alert: Blago staffers speak to state employees about ethics

I suppose you could make the argument that not everyone in Illinois politics is a crook. But whoever scheduled this should have their ears examined because they sure are tone deaf:

As legislators weigh impeaching Gov. Rod Blagojevich and federal prosecutors prepare to indict him on corruption charges, his acting chief of staff and a deputy governor will be keynote speakers Wednesday at an "Ethics in the Workplace" seminar for some 200 state employees.

The governor's acting chief of staff, Clayton Harris III, is new to his post; his predecessor, John Harris, was arrested the same day as the governor and resigned Dec. 12. Deputy Gov. Dean Martinez started his job a month ago.

But is it wrong for any members of the Blagojevich administration to instruct state workers on ethics?

"That's a real tough question, but ... I don't see the irony really," said Rev. Tim Fiala, executive director of University of Illinois at Chicago's Integritas Institute, an ethics forum.

It is obvious that 'ole Tim doesn't have much happening between his ears. If he can't see the irony when it walks up and smacks him in the face, it is questionable whether any seminar on "ethics" conducted by members of an unethical administration will cure him of his incredible blindness.

Perhaps the Blago people will conduct the seminar as a "do as we say and not as we do" kind of lesson. Or perhaps they will give some tips on how not to get caught red handed with your hands in the cookie jar.

Those are the kinds of ethics Blagojevich might understand.