Global Warming is For Dummies

You know those yellow-jacketed Insert Subject Here for Dummies guides that are omnipresent in bookstores? Well, there is a new one coming out: Global Warming for Dummies. A well-established publishing franchise has staked its reputation on the work of warmist fanatics.

The book is co-authored by two radical environmentalists. True believers. The authors are Elizabeth May and Zoe Caron. May is a Green Party leader in Canada and Caron is on the board of directors for Canada's Sierra Club.

May once asserted that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's position on environmental policies was "as a grievance worse than Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of the Nazis."

And Caron's website contains this whopper:

The world was watching Canada actions at the [COP 14] negotiations to see if they would finally take meaningful action to fight climate change. But sadly for Canadians -- and tragically for those whose nations will be underwater as a result of sea level rise -- Canada did nothing.

Got that? Harper is worse than a Nazi appeaser because he doesn't agree with May and entire nations will soon be under water according to Caron. In short, Global Warming for Dummies was written by two idiots. The title of the book should be: Global Warming for the Gullible.

But have no fear about the accuracy or reliability of their new tome for twits. According to the Monica Graham writing for the Chronicle Herald:

The book was fact-checked by scientists from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a 2,000-member body that has created an objective source of climate information.

That's about as close as the IPCC has gotten to the process of peer review in twenty years.

If millions of lives and the world economy were not at stake ... this might be funny.

Hat tip: Otis A. Glazebrook (IV!)