Geithner has got to go

The DC Examiner thinks Obama should give Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner the hook:

As a general principle, The Examiner believes presidents ought to be allowed to pick their cabinet officials and have them confirmed, except in cases in which there are clear and unquestionable ethical problems. Considering the dire state of the economy and the continuing possibility of scandal emerging from the opaque administration of the Toxic Asset Recovery Program, of which Geithner was an architect from his current position at the New York Federal Reserve, this is no time to complicate the economic crisis with an additional ethical complication. So unless he’s comfortable with appointing a tax scofflaw to oversee the IRS and the entire U.S. financial system, the prudent course is for Obama to withdraw Geithner’s nomination.

Geithner "forgot" to pay those taxes despite reminders from the IRS? Despite the fact he had been reiumbursed by the IMF - for taxes he knows he never paid?

My memory is going with old age and too much Glenlivit  (single malt scotch ossifies the ganglia) but didn't our hopenchange president elect say something about changing the way Washington works a few months ago when he was trying to get people to vote for him?

Oh, Bama. You're a crafty one!