France wants to take some Gitmo detainees

France, the newest, bestest friend of the US now that Barack Hussein Obama (D) is president, has generously offered to join Ireland i n hosting some of the freed Guantanamo detainees, Fox News reports. 

France is pushing for European Union countries to take 60 of the detainees deemed innocent but at risk of torture in their home country, according to a report by the German magazine Der Spiegel that was picked up by Reuters.

European governments have been among the loudest voices calling for the closure of the prison at Guantanamo over allegations of human rights abuses there, but the foreign ministry in Paris refused to comment on the Der Spiegel report, according to Reuters.

The report says that France has submitted its proposal to leaders across Europe ahead of a Monday meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels.

 Hmmm, I just don't get it--if these detainees are innocent, why would they be "at risk of torture in their home country"? This is particularly pertinent because according to France, the EU, the UN and the usual gang of idiots er, liberals, they've been subjected to "allegations of human rights abuses" by the US at Guantanamo.  In other words, torture. 
And there are 245 detainees at Guantanamo; France is concerned about 60 of them so what about the other 185?  France is strangely silent about them.  Hmmm, wonder why?
 The First Ever Female Speaker of the House, Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), doesn't want them in her back yard at Alcatraz.

Asked whether that was a serious proposal, Pelosi said, "It is -- no."

"Perhaps he's not visited Alcatraz," Pelosi said of Young while displaying little sense of humor. "Alcatraz is a tourist attraction. It's a prison that is now sort of like a -- it's a national park."

That explanation didn't stop House Minority Leader John Boehner from repeating the suggestion on Sunday, making that point that closing down Guantanamo by year's end may not be the best plan considering the recidivism rate of terrorist detainees is about 12 percent.

"If liberals believe they ought to go, maybe we ought to open Alcatraz," Boehner, R-Ohio, told NBC "Meet the Press." Being reminded that Alcatraz is a national park, Boehner responded, "It's very secure."

Maybe the French and Pelosi can purchase some homes in Malibu, California  next to the beach homes of Barbra Streisand, Sean Penn and other entertainment figures for the unwanted terrorists.  Perfect!