Experience does Count

For well over two years the Democrat Party and the mainstream media have relentlessly tried to make the case that experience and character don't count.

The leader of the free world is actually an entry-level position. All that matters is hope and change.

All of a sudden reality strikes and totally disproves these notions. The safe landing in the Hudson River of U.S. Air's Flight 1549 is a case in point.

A gifted pilot made a "water landing" three minutes after takeoff without the loss of a single life.

Not only did Vietnam era, U.S. Air Force trained pilot, Capt. Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger III, with forty years of flying experience, bring the plane to a smooth landing on the river -- he was the last man out. Captain Sullenberger walked the aisle of the airliner twice to make sure that everyone had been evacuated from the airliner.


We can only hope that the inexperienced pilot about to take the helm of the "ship of state" can do half as well.