Dalai Lama: Terrorism resistant to non-violence

The Dalai Lama, living in exile since the Chinese Communists brutally took over his hereditary kingdom of Tibet, revered for his wisdom and adherence to peace and non violence startling acknowledged some tough realities.
Speaking at a public lecture in India he told his audience

terrorism cannot be tackled by applying the principle of ahimsa because the minds of terrorists are closed.
(According to Wikipedia ahimsa means "to do no harm (literally: the avoidance of violence - himsa). It is an important tenet of the religions that originated in ancient India (Hinduism, Buddhism and especially Jainism). Ahimsa is a rule of conduct that bars the killing or injuring of living beings." ECF)

"It is difficult to deal with terrorism through non-violence," the Tibetan spiritual leader said delivering the Madhavrao Scindia Memorial Lecture here.

He also termed terrorism as the worst kind of violence which is not carried by a few mad people but by those who are very brilliant and educated.

"They (terrorists) are very brilliant and educated...but a strong ill feeling is bred in them. Their minds are closed," the Dalai Lama said.
How to tackle terrorism?  "Prevention."  So, does he advocate the let's engage terrorism and terrorists policy of the new US administration by talking to Iran, Hamas, Shining Path or even the Chinese Communists?  He didn't exactly say that but he
left the audience stunned when he said "I love President George W Bush." He went on to add how he and the US President instantly struck a chord in their first meeting unlike politicians who take a while to develop close ties. 
Hopefully our new president, Barack Hussein Obama (D), will continue these ties with the Dalai Lama and the many world leaders who learned to love America under his predecessor, George W. Bush (R).  And hopefully Obama will continue to protect the USA by putting the Dalai Lama's message, learnt from bitter experience, into practice. 
hat tip: Steven Plaut

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