Caroline to sic Kennedy dogs on Paterson

Almost Senator Caroline Kennedy (almost D-NY) is angry at Governor David Paterson (D-NY).  Really angry.  And hurt. So angry and so hurt she might sic her family on him.  And all because

"Caroline can't believe what Paterson did to her. She was smeared, and she's never going to forgive it or forget it," the source continued.

While neither source would say so, others close to the Kennedys believe the negative reaction of one of Kennedy's children was a determining factor in her withdrawing from consideration for the seat, which eventually went to Kirsten Gillibrand.

The new revelations explain why, as The Post reported yesterday, members of the Kennedy family are "apoplectic" over the way the daughter of President John F. Kennedy was treated.

"One of the untold stories here is that Paterson has destroyed the willingness of anyone of any stature to go through the vetting process for a job," said a state official.

"What this said is that no one who gives anything in confidence to the governor's office can be assured that the confidence will be honored, and that's as damning a thing in government as there can be," the official continued.

O-oooh! Scary.

Somewhere in Alaska, Governor Sarah Palin (R) might be wondering "Oh, just because a few people  said Caroline wasn't  articulate she was smeared?"  But Governor Palin, who can shoot and skin a moose--as well as hail a cab--by herself, has real responsibilities.  More responsibilities than a community organizer and a wealthy fund raising volunteer.  So, when people smear her she doesn't pout, doesn't use her family for revenge.  She takes care of her family and continues to fulfill her responsibilities well.  And moves on to her next triumph instead of pouting and playing victim