Warmist hysteria intensifies as temperatures plunge (updated)

With temperatures falling since 1998's peak, and much of the nation shivering, global warming propagandists become have become shriller, even asserting counterfactual propositions. Case in point: Seth Borentstein "science" reporter for the Associated Press.

Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters debunks the "global warming is accelerating" nonsense offered by AP to gullible (or mendacious) editors in newsrooms across the country. It is remarkable to see bald-faced lies so readily debunked.

The willingness of media outlets to offer self-evident tripe in the face of both the data of the past decade and the immediate experience of people in their daily lives right now has to be considered a form of hysteria. Both the Associated Press and the newspapers which collectively own it are in serious economic trouble, with substantial layoffs accomplished and likely to be repeated, and questions about their survivability evident to everyone.

Instead of focusing on improving performance and survivability, the organs putting forth this claptrap jeopardize their already shaky reputations. It is suicide by propaganda.

Meanwhile, Al Gore, speaking in Germany, has predicted that the polar ice caps will be gone in 5 years. Meanwhile, the 20 foot rise in ocean levels, which he predicted "in the near future" is nowhere to be found. Miami is not under water.

This buffoonery would be merely amusing, were it not for the intention of the Obama administration to cripple our economy to prevent the imaginary harm so recklessly predicted.

Update from Marc Sheppard:

This isn't the first time the AP "science writer" has gone H.G Wells in his reporting. You may recall us taking him to task in March 2007 for a number of similarly over-the-top doom-saying articles.  Among them was one so inept in its prediction that the IPCC AR4 would blame Hurricane Katrina on manmade global warming that Professor Neville Nicholls, the Lead Author of WG1's Chapter 9, felt compelled to write:

"I was disappointed that after more than two years carefully analyzing the literature on possible links between tropical cyclones and global warming that even before the report was approved it was being misreported and misrepresented."

The professor then addressed Borenstein's bogus sooth-saying directly:

"We concluded that the question of whether there was a greenhouse-cyclone link was pretty much a toss of a coin at the present state of the science, with just a slight leaning towards the likelihood of such a link. But the premature reports suggested that we were asserting the existence of much stronger evidence."

Here we are over a year and a half later and this man continues to slip his counterfeit wisdom past his editors. 

Fortunately, as the overheated predictions of both alarmists like Borenstein and agenda-driven agencies like the IPCC fail to meet observed cold reality, this hoax may finally be singing its swan-song.
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