Video of Mumbai terrorist beaten by angry crowd

Relax you ACLU types. Of course I believe in the legal process, guilty until proven innocent and alleged suspects being read their Miranda rights. Having publicly stated my bona fides I still find these (British) Sky News videos and others deeply gratifying.

The footage, which was captured on a mobile phone, shows a furious crowd beating the alleged terrorist, Ajmal Qasab, before he is taken away.

It allegedly shows him with other gunmen on Marine Drive, a few streets away from the train station where the group had just carried out a killing spree.

Notice the careful use of the word alleged in the report. And now notice how carefully the alleged terrorist was treated and how the alleged terrorist reciprocated.

Sky reporter Ashish Joshi, in Mumbai, said: "Officers told them to come out of the car with their hands up.

"They did, but Qasab had a gun between his legs which he then brought out and shot three officers dead.

"It was seen by passers-by who shouted 'Look, look, they're killing police officers' and then suddenly from every direction a mob gathered.

"They over-powered him and started beating and attacking him. Then another police unit arrived and he was arrested."

Ajmal Qasab had no respect for any law except the perverted law of his religion which sanctioned massacring others. And so he killed those who didn't believe as he did. And in front of a large crowd of witnesses he allegedly killed more unarmed people. So allegedly the crowd began beating the alleged suspect until allegedly he was saved by the police he wanted to kill.

But some people will be more concerned about Qasab's right to a fair trial.

Meanwhile the dead are still dead; their survivors wounded forever, the massacre survivors still suffering. 

Where is their justice?