They call it 'art'

The world famous Art Institute of Chicago may be considering a satellite location in the city's upscale Old Town neighborhood. The opening exhibition at the Old Town Ale House site is the naked Governor series. As Dave Barry would say: I am not making this up.

Sarah Palin was the first painting in the series, and the near complete Rod Blagojevich painting, the second. The painter describes his Blago art work as follows:

"The scene imagines Blagojevich handcuffed and wearing an orange jumpsuit pulled down to his knees.Among the onlookers is a guard, with a look of grim determination, pulling on a rubber glove." The painting, which is taking Elliott a little over a week to finish, is titled: "The Cavity Search."

The first painting in the naked Governor series of Sarah Palin, had no formal name. But it deserves one. How about: The great white female Alaskan bare.