The Princess who would be Senator

Well, it's official; Caroline Kennedy has royally declared her interest in filling the soon to be vacant senate seat  of Hillary R. Clinton (D), who will  be resigning to become Secretary of State. 

According to Ben Smith of Politico , Ms. Kennedy took the important first steps to obtain the position--she spoke to NY State Governor David Paterson (D) and the Rev Al Sharpton.  Sharpton is a former Democratic presidential contender himself; he ran for the job after promoting and making false accusations in the fraudulent Tawana Brawley non rape case and later inciting anti Jewish violence.  He is now an important personage in the Democratic party, especially in New York.   

Sharpton wholeheartedly endorsed her.   

I unequivocally disagree with those that say she is not qualified and could not bring needed leadership to this state and country. My knowledge of her in the area of education and on behalf of children generally, the fact that she has written several books, and her other civic involvement more than qualifies her to be Senator. Ms. Kennedy is an accomplished author on Constitutional Law, the Bill of Rights, and political courage. She is also a lawyer.

Elected office is not the only area of public service that establishes leadership in this country. We just elected a community organizer as President of the United States.

By Democratic standards, especially New York Democratic standards, Ms. Kennedy is well qualified for the job.  In addition to the credentials Sharpton listed, Kennedy is also an experienced campaigner--she made several speeches and wrote an article endorsing the candidacy of President-elect Barack H. Obama (D).  And other senators have also promoted her fledgling effort, most notably Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA), her uncle. 

Unlike some other NY State senators, most notably the individual she wants to succeed, Senator Clinton, and the late Senator Robert Kennedy (D), her uncle, she actually maintains a residence in New York.  Thanks to her grandfather, she is quite wealthy.  Having never run for office before, she leaves no trail of votes.   

Oh yes, her father was president of the US over 45 years ago until he was tragically assassinated; her mother was quite attractive.