The New American Ethic: Lie, Cheat, and Steal

A new survey of American high school students has just been released. 30 percent of young Americans admit to shoplifting and 60 per cent confess to cheating on tests.

The percentage of students who lie is a much trickier to determine. (Question: Do you lie? Answer: Yes. Is the answer a lie or not? I feel sorry for these pollsters.)

Mel Riddle, an official of the National Association of Secondary School Principles lamely blames the explosion in barbarianism on increased competition:

"The competition is greater; the pressures on kids have increased dramatically.... The temptation is greater."

Increased competition? For shoplifting? Maybe some kids need to compete for a part time job.

This is the kind of bizarre politically correct excuse for bad, and even illegal, behavior that suffuses our educational system.

Our public educational institutions are a joke. The public schools spend so much time "teaching" our kids tolerance, self-esteem, and the proper use of condemns, that there is simply no time left for teaching reading, writing, arithmetic and ... common decency.

Hat tip: My wife. Hi honey!