The Daylight Change Crisis and Justice

OMG!  There is even more bad news about the daylight change crisis!

It is unfair!  Some areas get more daylight, some less!  Checking my
calendar for the proper time to light Sabbath candles this Friday, December 26 at sundown (all Jewish holidays begin at sunset) I noticed that while sunset in Boston begins at 4pm, Chicago, 4:07 and New York at 4:17 Los Angeles waits until 4:33 for the sun to go down while the greedy folks in Miami grab so much sunlight that the sun will not set there this Friday until 5:19. 

Since Al Gore is a Democrat and Democrats believe in equality, wealth and sunlight redistribution by taxation will they take some sunlight from Miami by increasing their sunshine tax (and if it doesn't exist I'm sure Democrats won't mind adding a new tax) while gifting it to Anchorage, Alaska, where sundown begins at 3:26pm?  Surely the Alaskans will then see the benefit of having more sunshine instead of financially sharing in the state's financial surplus which Governor Sarah Palin (R) distributes every year.  After all, wouldn't they rather have sunshine than jobs and cheap oil?  Well, wouldn't they?