Soros-influenced groups make inroads in Obama Administration

The transition team of Barack Obama met recently with a range of Jewish organizations, described by Politico as an “unusually broad spectrum of Jewish groups." The groups include hawkish ones who were critical of Barack Obama during the campaign but also included liberal groups whose approaches have been highly critical, not of Obama, but of Israel. These include Peace Now, J Street, the Israel Policy Forum, and Brit Tzedek v'Shalom. One participant noted that these latter groups had never met with George Bush. Apparently now they will have a voice in Washington. Are there reasons for American supporters of Israel to be concerned? Perhaps. While we have been concerned at American Thinker over aspects of Barack Obama’s past and his connections with pro-Palestinian activists and foreign policy experts who had problematic records on Israel, his choices of Hillary Clinton and others in the State Department hierarchy have relieved some concerns (the choice of Jim Jones as...(Read Full Post)