Sarah Palin's Wasilla church hit by suspected arson

Providentially, nobody was injured, but an estimated one million dollars in damage was done to Wasilla Bible Church Friday night, in a fire that began while people, including children, were inside. The fire is being investigated as a possible case of arson.

This would not fit Bill Ayers' definition of terrorism, since no one was killed. More like protest that just went a little too far in a matter of mere youthful excess.

The Governor of Alaska has apologized if "undeserved attention" focused on Wasilla Bible Church caused haters to set a fire there. The American people were treated to far more media attention on Sarah Palin's church than on Barack Obama's involvement in corrupt Illinois politics.

The congregants of Wasilla Bible Church have our deep sympathy. If this is arson, it is a monstrous crime.

Can you imagine the media outcry if arson were suspected to have caused a million dollars worth of arson damage to Trinity United Church of Christ?