All those big donors to the Clinton foundation

How to spin the receipt of millions from Arab governments and wealthy business tycoons? With the Clintons, it is child's play. Literally. Hillary Clinton supporters are getting the following email this morning:

You are receiving this message as a member of's online community. Please take a look at The Clinton Foundation's message below from Chelsea Clinton about the important work they do. The Clinton Foundation is solely responsible for the content of this message.

Dear Thomas,

As you know, it's been an exciting year for my family and I am so proud of both of my parents. This summer, I had the great opportunity of traveling to Africa with my father, where we met Jean Pierre, a young boy in a rural village in Rwanda.

Jean Pierre is alive and well today because of the antiretroviral treatments that the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) was able to make accessible to him. Jean Pierre told us that he wants to grow up to be a doctor and give more people a chance to live a healthy life.

Jean Pierre's story is inspiring, not just because he's benefiting from the work of everyone at CHAI, but also because he's leading by example with his lifetime goal of giving back and serving others through medicine.

While traveling across the country earlier this year supporting my mother, I was similarly inspired by the passion and generosity of so many Americans. In that spirit, I hope you'll consider
supporting CHAI and the Clinton Foundation's other work in the U.S. and around the world. Gifts of any size make a very real difference.


$15 provides a life-saving food package for an HIV-positive child for one month.


$30 pays for 15 dosing tools for physicians and pharmacists to help accurately dose children on HIV/AIDS treatment.


$80 ensures that eight community health workers can provide monitoring of adherence and medication intake for all HIV-positive people in a Malawian village for a week.


$150 provides access to medical care and support -- including transport to and from a treatment center, counseling, and nutrition -- to one HIV-positive child in India for a year.

There follows a link for donating money to the foundation.

No shame. Ever.