Guess who Time Magazine's 'Person of the Year' is going to be?

The media’s genuflection continues apace..even after the election . Hang onto the straps of your breakfast nooks. (Jack Carmody homage.) Time Managing Editor Richard Stengel did his Person of the Year 'reveal' on NBC's 'Today' show and it is ... Barack Obama.

"Really?!' Meredith Vieira quipped. Stengel: 'The Person of the Year was in effect INVENTED for Barack Obama. He's a transformational figure. He's done something extraordinary: He's made some promises that he's actually kept already."

Well, I suppose that may be true if you ignore: keeping Robert Gates as Defense Secretary, Jim Jones as National Security Adviser appointing Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State: all of which signal that his promise of removing US forces from Iraq is on hold for now. He promised a more transparent presidency but has fumbled on the Blagojevich issue. He has removed the promise of an excess profits tax on the oil industry from his website. He seems to given up on his promise to kill the Bush tax cuts. Need I continue?

What promises has he kept?

Of course, he also backtracked on his promise to accept public financing for his campaign.