Parties of Corruption II

I recently said that Democrats are four times more corrupt than Republicans.  I must issue a correction.  They are only three times more corrupt.

I recently reported on a list prepared by the National Taxpayer's Union of "Members of Congress Who Were Convicted of or Pled Guilty to Major Offenses, 1992-1999."  That list had 15 Democrats and 3 Republicans.  By adding James Traficant and Randall Cunningham, the list came to 16 and 4, for a 4:1 ratio of corrupt Democrats to corrupt Republicans.

I asked if anyone had a better list.

As it turns out, Lynn Vincent and Robert Stacy McCain wrote a whole book on the subject, Donkey Cons: Sex, Crime and Corruption in the Democratic Party.  They listed every major criminal or ethics case involving members of the House and Senate, 1975-2005, and counted 46 Democrats to 15 Republicans in these scandals.

That is a ratio of 3.06 to 1.  Since Democrats slightly outnumbered Republicans, on average, over that time, let's call the ratio 3 to 1.  Or Democrats are only 200% more corrupt than Republicans.

I stand corrected and deeply apologize to American Thinker readers.

Hat tip:  R.S. McCain