Palin's church needs support to rebuild from arson fire

Michelle Malkin received  information from Team Sarah, women who support Governor Sarah Palin (R-Alaska), on a fund raiser for her church destroyed in a presumed arson fire. (If you'd like to support this effort, follow the link to Michelle Malkin's site.) 

The fire destroyed more than a pile of bricks housing a church. Like many charitable institutions this time of year.

The church was well known for helping local families in need and many gifts and other items set aside for these needy people were damaged or destroyed in the fire, meaning that it is December 13, 2008 only 12 days before Christmas and some families in Wasilla may do without because of this sad tragedy."

Perhaps the Rev Jeremiah Wright has some extra s lying around his $1,000,000, 10,000 square foot  home he'd like to donate.