Once could be luck, but twice must be skill

Congratulations to our friends at Investor's Business Daily for once again having the best polling on the presidential election, comparing final polling to the actual voting results. As IBD itself notes, "the IBD/TIPP Poll not only came closest to the final margin, but was right on the money - tantamount to hitting a bullet with a bullet."

During the campaign, polling showing a wide lead for Obama was greeted with much skepticism on the right. As IBD notes of its superior polling team:

Other commentators questioned why we often had the Obama-McCain race tighter than other polls. The fact is, the race was tight right down to the last week, when undecided voters swung to Obama. The final 7.2-point spread was the widest we showed since our polling started Oct. 13.

Rather than challenge our numbers, the critics would better serve the public by questioning the double-digit leads other polls were posting for Obama.

With a week and a half to go, for example, when we had Obama up 3, other reputable polling organizations had him ahead as much as 15. Such outsized margins, in our opinion, can help move voters in a certain direction - creating a bandwagon effect.

Investor's Business Daily has assembled one of the most impressive teams of political analysts anywhere in journalism. This second-in-a-row polling win only reinforces its reputation as a place to go for honest and insightful reporting and analysis. Our congratulations to them are both sincere and well-deserved.
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