Obama to use 'Lincoln Bible' during inaugural ceremony

He was tall and skinny and from Illinois and entered the presidential contest at a distinct disadvantage.  Nevertheless, he prevailed and on inauguration day was sworn in as president, taking the oath of office  swearing on a bible a Supreme Court clerk purchased locally.

Finding the symbolism irresistible, 147 years later the Presidential Inaugural Committee announced that the  President-Elect
will be placing his hand upon the same burgundy velvet-bound Bible that was used by President Lincoln at his first inauguration as he is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. (snip)
 President-elect Obama will be the first president to be sworn in using this Bible since Abraham Lincoln.

Obama is borrowing the Lincoln Bible from the Library of Congress as a gesture "that celebrates the unity of America"  to "provide a powerful connection to our common past and common heritage."
Forgive my cynicism but when I first read about the Lincoln Bible being used again after almost a century and a half I thought Obama decided to borrow it because he didn't own one.  I also thought Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago wouldn't loan him one. You may recall that Trinity was where President-Elect and First Lady-Elect celebrated their marriage and where their First and Second Children-Elect were baptized while the Presidential Elect  apparently slept through twenty years of hate filled sermons by its minister, Jeremiah Wright.