Not a Lincoln, not even a Ford

The irrepressible Steve Gilbert has some pungent prose for the president-elect. Noting that Obama is to be sworn in using the Lincoln Bible, he writes:

Log cabin (in Hawaii) sold separately

Of course given "Honest Obe's" background, no family Bible is handy.

Facing a nation divided, teetering toward civil war, President Lincoln used his first inaugural address to call for national unity, arguing that our Constitution was created "to form a more perfect Union." Now, 147 years later, President-elect Barack Obama is echoing President Lincoln's call in words and in symbolism.

Well, that's cheery is it not? We thought things were bad, but did not quite realize that we were "teetering toward civil war."

Still, no matter how hard he tries Mr. Obama is no Lincoln. He's not even a Ford.

As for the now-famous picture of Obama bare-chested in Hawaii:

By the way, did Mr. Lincoln wax his chest?