More Caroline senate rumors flying

New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R) further stoked the rumors that Caroline Kennedy is interested in inheriting er, being appointed to fill Hillary Clinton's (D) soon to be vacant NY senatorial seat.  In carefully chosen words he praised her as

experienced and "can do anything." "Caroline Kennedy is a very experienced woman, she's worked very hard for the city. I can just tell you she's made an enormous difference in New York City," Bloomberg said
But, if not her, there are plenty of other Kennedys  interested in the family job.  Her cousin, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, has also indicated his interest in inheriting--whoops! there I go again--being appointed to his late father's seat.  Unlike his father, though, Kennedy Jr actually maintains a residence in NY.  He is also the brother of Kerry Kennedy, formerly married to NY state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (D), son of former NY state governor, Mario Cuomo (D).
Elite eastern government is so incestuous, so different from say Alaskan politics where the Republican governor, Sarah Palin, actually had some previous real executive governmental experience and actually campaigned for the job as she didn't marry wealth or power or inherit it.  But hey, what do they know?